The Next Wave

is coming and this guy is trying to distract us

By no means, am I a prophet or anything. Some sort of seer maybe but seers are often ridiculed by the powers of the times that be. A seer sees things before they happen and tries to tell people about the things he has seen. The seer has a great problem. He is good at seeing but not telling. The seer is a very sensual person and some of the things he sees have not been definitive yet so when he tries to use some sort of quantitative medium to transmit the information that he has seen, it often fails. His words run into one another, his ideas spin about multiple axes and there seems to be no discernible order in the world he is trying to explain. The seer is usually bad with colors, shapes and form. Statistics often to do not support him early enough because he sees far ahead before tangibility can speak. In essence, it would seem that the seer sees the word that would be spoken into being before it is spoken.

The irony is that they see the world that would be soon be spoken but they cannot speak about it clearly. Speaking into existence is not their place. Seeing things is what they are good at.

In a world that is blind, the seer is absolutely useless. This is why it would seem that there are many prophets, and few seers. Seers are the crazy ones right now.

Most seers have a spokesman. Jeremiah was reported to have Baruch, his scribe and publisher, and there was Iddo.

The question is, should a seer write in this current age? A seer is meant to see. This is a receptor-based job. Receptors should be clear and open 24/7 to receiving. They should not be transmitters. A receptor that also transmits is not a good receptor, are they? Sure, some new upgrade for more security might give it capacity to transmit and thus grant it a few more powers. But the receptor should not be used as a transmitter ever. It might work but you will most definitely not get the best out of it that way. And what if this causes a decline in the receptor’s strength since the device is doing extra.

We end this with a complaint.

I am tired of seeing. I have seen too much. I don’t think this age requires the services of seers. They hate to see.

They hate to see themselves. But they cannot stop seeing themselves because they are selfish. It is only themselves they are looking at.

Seers require the age of truth to truly matter to the people. People look at themselves but try to change the truth about themselves.

So when a seer says what he sees to the people of this age, it sounds to them like gibber gabber.

People of this world wait for signs before they agree to see. You shouldn’t wait for signs to see.

That is like waiting for the wave to crest before you go to surf on it. And that is just the most hurtful thing anybody can do to themselves.

The people of this age are trying to fix things up and down.

You’re dying, why are you spending so much time on what is already dead.

Life is moving somewhere else. Can’t you at least feel that? It is life we are talking about here. Not something abstract and esoteric. Life is what is moving. Life that all of us are living is what moving. It is touching all of us. Please! Move!

Seers become transmitters when the age is about the end. When the world as we know it is dying. Seers now have to communicate to warn the stiff-necked people that time is up and the age is near. This is where we are now.



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Shammah Godoz

Shammah Godoz

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