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Shammah Godoz
4 min readMay 19, 2021

Inner Shammah Speaking

So you have wondered what the Shammahverse is about. Well, I am here to tell you and today I am not mincing words. Not in the cold of Jos I am not. Temperatures range wildly here with about 12°C if you are pedantic about the temperature like me. Accuweather is a great friend of mine.

The Shaa is a system, composed of space, time, and fragments of consciousnesses simply called Spirits. Originally numbered from 1–6 pre-pandemic, the interactions of these spirits are what influence the affectations of the system.

Now, all the affectations are not left to them. The system has a god and an overseer that monitors these fragments. About how these fragments resulted, there is a big back story that will be shared. What you need to now is that, I, Inner Shammah, am the overseer that monitors these Spirits and when I compile my observations as entries onto a ledger. A chunk of entries is a report. I send these to the god of the system who processes the data and shows us the final output. Sometimes, these reports are short and sweet. Other times they are long and winded. Once in a while, we review the entire ledger.

I started to take time chunk the information into coherent stories so it could improve our storage. This is where this thing all started. There have been countless events. We used to have a ranking system that scored the Spirits on how well they were favoured by the god but it became too chaotic and I had to quash that plan.

The recent pandemic has revealed so many weaknesses of the old system and I have been tasked with coming up with a new way to organize these fragments so we can get the system to peak working condition again. I can’t say I hate not doing anything. I am getting to work.

To help you understand what I would be broadcasting, I will explain the terms.

System: The entire composition of the Shaa

Space: This is the area filled with energy swirling in a infinite vortex in which the fragments exist and I exist. I have some dominion here. As for the location of this space, I cannot properly tell if it is physical or it is in a pocket dimension outside of regular space time.
In this space, the environment can manifest as any known or unknown place and the spirits can manifest as human, so does Inner Shammah.
Maru (you would meet him) has hypothesized that our space is in a place that is and isn’t inside the god of the system. ‘Is’ being that the winds that affect the movement of the energy flow in the space is proof that the space can interact with other entities. ‘Isn’t’ because there is almost nothing tangible about the system-it is most definitely filtered. I find paradoxes entertaining but impractical.
For personal nomenclature you can call it the Shammahverse.

Time: Time flows differently here. The future is always the present and the past is myth. This is all anyone outside the space needs to know.

Fragments: As defined, these are pieces of consciousness that own their own personalities and have begun to retain their own memories.
The simplest version of their origin story would be that;

  • a functioning sentient thing shattered into an unrecognizable number of pieces
  • with the exposure of each piece to different winds at each time,
  • these winds moved these fragments around,
  • these fragments of sentience chafed against each other causing chipping, grooving, and marking delicate patterns on the their surfaces,
  • the ever present energy in the system thus started to move differently upon the surface of each fragment unique to the maze of patterns,
  • this gave them them unique auras,
  • then as normal pieces of sentience, they developed consciousness,
    and started to retain memories,
  • started to learn.

So far, we have Spirits 1–10 with distinct identities.

This is how a chip is programmed.

Table: Time and time again, a Spirit can have a one-on-one with the god of the system. These are the only meetings I am not present at. I wonder why.

Affectation: Resultant actions the system takes after computing all the data in the entries provided.

Event: A story that describes the emotions and thoughts behind an output from the system.

A sample of an event. (Reaction to the Crypto Flash crash of 19 April 2021)

Inner Shammah: Someone is tapping their feet

Spirit 4: It is I. I am restless.

Inner Shammah: It is just a flash crash. It is nothing.

Spirit 4: Portfolio is now a third of its original value

Spirit 6: As any highly volatile venture would go.

Spirit 4: Go back to your books, Maru.

Spirit 6: My name is not-it is this bad attitude that gave you negative PNL for 16 days.

Spirit 2: You mean we’re losing money?

Spirit 3: Oh my God, we have just lost some more.

Inner Shammah: Everybody calm down. Spirit 4, put the phone down! Yeah, nice and easy. Now let us all take a chill pill and- What the hell?

Spirit 1: What happened?

Spirit 4: The system just sold off our $NKN

Inner Shammah: Ugh!

I am colloquially called Inner Shammah. I am the one thing that is constant in this system.

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