100 Earworms from the 2010s

99% of them are Indie

It has been a fun decade. My God! It has been. I never thought I will witness the death of Pop but I did and I guess it was nice.

Going into the 2020s, I do not know what to expect (aside Blacksploitation, which is okay) but I know that it will be good and that I will be here.

For nostalgia’s sake and good music sake and the sheer wonder of keeping memories, I have compiled my personal list of 100 songs from the 2010s that I can never get tired of.

Packed in a playlist shared across platforms, this is a summary of an entire decade for me. Each song occupies a specific memory. It was a weird period, you know. The playlist will tell you.


I made a playlist. Check it out.

Shammah’s 100 Songs from the 2010s



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Shammah Godoz

Shammah Godoz

I figured I do not have to be about anything here. So this is my space. You can check out https://medium.com/@theuispirit for updates on my product design work