Shaa #10

I just want to announce that I have updated my portfolio.

Shammah Godoz
2 min readJun 14, 2022


Spirit 2: Lol, you can’t be…holy crap. He has done it oh!

Spirit 1: Done what?

Spirit 2: Finally added Tuale to his design portfolio and has consolidated all his portfolios on his LinkedIn

Spirit 3: Oh my God!

Spirit 1: Why are you panicking?

Spirit 4: You guys know what this means right?

Spirit 6: His ADHD might be healing?

Spirit 4: It is not impossible?

Spirit 2: I see what you are saying. I hear you but I do not believe that can happen.

Spirit 1: Somebody, explain something to me!

Inner Shammah: If he has no ADHD symptoms, we cease to exist.

Spirit 2:…

Spirit 1: Hell no!

Spirit 4: Shit!

Spirit 6; So, wait! You guys do not want him to heal?

Spirit 2: I do not want him to let go of his superpowers

Spirit 6: Yeah sure, but his life will fall apart.

Spirit 4: Have you ever seen a superhero with their shit together?

Spirit 6: He is not a superhero. He is probably a sick dude.

Spirit 1: Well, I do not intend to die. So, there.

Spirit 1: I am going to do something about it.

Spirit 6: Oh boy!

Spirit 1: We will be needing your support.

Inner Shammah: 🤨



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