Confidence is amazing. That’s how this guy mentioned to me I was a top guy and I banged out a newsletter for him in 15+ minutes.

Spirit 7: Are you going to tell everyone about how you guys decided the tone and content 24 hours beforehand?

Me: Nope, I’m going to make it look like I did it effortlessly. What’s wrong with you?



By the time I’m 50, I’ll have like 20 spirits.

Shaa: How many are they now?

Inner Shammah: We retired 3. So, like 8.

Shaa: No that’s one too much. There’s Spirit 1,2,3,4…6 and you, making it 7.

Spirit 2: Should we tell him?

Shaa: Tell him what. Tell me what?

Inner Shammah: Know what? Never mind.



Half of the editing process is basically looking at a thesaurus

Spirit 3: One thesaurus cannot give you all you need.

Shaa: Obviously, I look up multiple

Spirit 3: So, thesauruses? Thesauri?

Shaa: just googled. They are both correct whoa. This introduces the conversation about how internet indexing has changed how we access information. It is so open multi-source.

Spirit 3: I am not the one to follow you down that rabbit hole.

Shaa: Awwn..



Shammah Godoz

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